How to Study in Exam Time - Learn to read smartly Right way to read

1. Three Stage of Learning

  • a)Pre-reading→Priming your Mindset
  • Example- Suspense Movie~ Comedy Trailer
  • b) Highlighting→After reading a topic, highlights powerful important stuff.
  • Example: King ~ Injured Lion ~ Castle
  • c)Take Notes like you are explaining yourself by using highlighted key points.

2. STIC Method

  • a)Spacing like Pomodoro Techniques
  • Ex- Study 1 thing~ 5-10min Break
  • b) Testing: Give lots of written test.
  • c)Inter-leaving: Learn multiple things.
  • Ex- 15 Yorker, Spin, Fast, Slow Ball
  • d) Categorising: Understand in Patterns.
  • Ex- Desk and Studio.

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If you have to remember things quickly, remember for a long time, not to forget 

and perform very well in the exams. Then trust me, today's video is going to be one of the best videos on this topic. These things, many people sell in courses. That's why I'm saying this is a very powerful thing do not take it lightly and keep learning such amazing things for free,  Now let's start, two friends are there,  one of the names is Siddharth called as sid. And the second one is Rahul, Rahul's dream is to top in his class, stood first but even after trying a lot, the sid always gets at number one. The worst thing Rahul feels is that sid does not study throughout the day

he goes to play every day and calls Rahul again and again for Playing. Even after doing all, sid comes on first. By this thing Rahul has gotten frustrated a lot

so what does he do? 

He makes up his mind that now I will study a lot, I will study day and night and this time I will surely stand first in the class. So whenever Siddharth calls him for playing or anything, he straight away refuses. Rahul doesn't go and keeps on studying, even after doing all this what happens again Siddharth stood first, Rahul frustrated a lot and asks, 

how is this happening? 

I am working so hard, investing so much time studying, but still, how do you always come first?  then Rahul refuses at first, but after doing too much insist, he tells  I watch a channel on youtube whose name is Seeken, the creator inside that tells me many amazing things  I  have learned two important ways since I started applying, I get very good marks. I studied less time but still gets good marks, because of those two important things Rahul asks, what are those two important things? then he says okay let me tell you the first thing is the "three-stage learning process" and the second thing is the "STIC formula"

now Rahul says what are these things? 

then he says, let me explain to you one by one first, he tells about the three-stage learning formula. In there are 3 stages, he says that see this 3 stage process specifically tells you what to do before reading, what to do while reading and what to do after reading. That whatever we read, we can remember it very quickly and can remember it for a long time. And whenever there is any test, exam related to it, then we can perform best in it. 

Rahul says that this thing looks interesting, tell me what to do so he says first you have to do the pre-reading before reading example if I tell you to close your eyes and think about anyone colour, red, green, blue, any colour, think about it for a few minutes and after thinking, you will turn your eyes, as soon as you open your eyes and will see your sides your eyes will mostly go on the same colour. Because there is a psychological concept called priming. 

The way we prime our brain as it works like that. Let me give you one more example if I say to you that let's go to watch a movie, it is a comedy movie and I take you there and the movie starts and goes very slow no comedy is happening in it If nothing Comedy is happening so what will you tell me that, what you have brought me to show this nonsense, boring movie? whereas if I had shown you trailer earlier and told you that it is a suspense movie thriller movie, which can be slow After seeing the trailer, you would have understood

if you went to see the movie many times after that, you will be prepared that movie would be slow and you would much be prepared for it and able to enjoy it even better.  See this if you already decided which movie to watch, you know, it can be a little boring  then Even if you go to watch that you will be able to enjoy the movie more because you will be primed to watch such type of movie.


you read something, you should do first is do pre-reading. 

Tai Lopez who is a multi-millionaire, is a very good reader, what he does before reading any book He do pre-reading. First, he looks at the front cover back, the cover of the book, index  and tries to grasp it by turning the pages. 

He doesn't go to learn from it. Just try to see from above what happens to them, their mind becomes consciously and subconsciously ready to read and understand that book. What he is going to learn from that book. 

How easy it is, how tough and according to which they understand it and after he goes to read that book, then this thing helps a lot.  Similarly, you will do pre-read, before reading, first look at their index, the main points of that book then your mind is much more primed to learn those things. 

If it is tough, then your brain will be prepared for that tough things. These things will help you a lot to learn things which sid also do. Similarly, I do too many times whenever I have to read a book then I watch the summary on YouTube, due to which I know that

what is that topic, 

what is the thing that is going to be learned from, and as my interest peak

I start to understand what should be read, then I go inside it and when I read, I able to remember things in a better way. similarly whenever you are going to read something, do pre-read and see its index

look at the important points just look at it once and this thing will help you and the same thing Sid used to do In the second stage comes the principle of highlighting. Highlighting is a very common thing But maximum people do this in a wrong way, maximum people when they read any thing hey go on reading, highlighting that thing, they go on doing it due to which many The page is filled with the entire highlights.  This is the wrong way and the right way is if you want to highlight it then first you read the entire topic, now what to do after reading whatever you find most powerful inside it

start highlighting them, with the help of it, you can easily make a complete story later.

For example, understand that there is a king named Alexander Alexander. He is always very happy

he feels that he does go out somewhere. When he went to the forest, he sees a lion

which has wounds on his legs. He felt pity for the lion.

He calls all his soldiers and asks them to take the lion to his castle, where he feeds him. 

I'm telling you this randomly, to remember this story you shouldn't have to line every word

what you have to do to remember this story, Alexander King, Injured Lion, castle. 

Even with these three words, you can remember the whole story

 like this you should also even highlight its key points. 

According to this, later you should remember the detail which also trigger your brain 

 he use highlighting like this. Sid says this thing I do and he says look Rahul,

while reading and remembering you should use the same principle of highlighting. 

The end-stage of the three things which is most important is note-taking, the last stage is to be done after reading. 

While taking notes many people make a lot of mistakes. here you don't have to make a mistake

more people do when they take notes, they take notes when the whole chapter is finished

or when many points are over, then they start taking notes but this thing you do not have to do.

whatever chapters you are reading, not a complete chapter like a section ends, you have read

one answer or anything then after that what you have to do, you have to write down the most important points immediately.

What are the important points? If you know the pre-read and Highlighting stage

hen you will understand that these points are important, which explains the whole concept

then you have to write what is an important point. notes again, how you have to write notes just like

you are explaining yourself. By using all the same key points, while writing in detail

what things you have learned from this section. what you have learned write it according to you. 

there is no rule here, you just start it, try that whatever concept you have learned

you write it in your words, you are writing it in your way by using key points and then after that

you have to match whether all the things you wrote are fitting logically correct or you have written anything.

If you have done some mistakes then correct them again, after doing this, one more thing 

You have to do, once you have written the whole thing in your words, then try to make a summary from it.

hatever things were there, using the Key points again, you just need to summarise once. you have completed all this process, then those things will start getting perfectly in your mind  Once things will get in your mind, then, when at revision time, look back at things again. Then after seeing summaries will you will remember all the answers very well after in their details. Rahul ask 

why it will happen? then sid says that I will tell you the STIC method

all the answers are given inside it. But for now, do what I ask you to do because I did the same thing. That was the three-stage learning process which you also have to do it.  After explaining all these things sid says, See this was the first thing, a process that I always follow and you also have to do it. Rahul gets very happy after learning the process he thinks that now I will bring good marks but then sid says stop, the most important thing is left what is the most important? STIC formula, STIC method. If you will use this too properly

then only you will be able to do achieve many things

because the maximum toppers of the world use these STIC models, knowing and unknowingly.

what is STIC? S stands for spacing, T stands for testing, I stand for interleaving

and C stands for categorizing. What mistakes do these things? Sid explains to Rahul one by one to explain "spacing", he refers to a study in which two groups are created.

They had to memorize some of the Spanish Vocabulary, first were given 8 hours to remember all those words

while the other group were given only 4 hours

and then that group was asked to leave and after 1 month, again 4 hours given to them to remember words. 

Both were given only 8-8 hours to remember things, the only different thing was Spacing

 one has given continuously 8 hours and the other was given 8 hours twice. 

See what happened after 8 years both those groups were called back and their test was taken. 

The interesting thing was that the first group perform on average, they did not remember so many things

but the second group, who practiced for the space of one month they perform 250% better than the first group

and from this study, a scientist creates the forgetting concept.

This proves that our brain that it is not so good at doing continuous things, but if we give some space to our brain, not for a month but space for some time. then this thing is very useful to put that knowledge in our memory and stores it in memory.  from this example sid says, similarly, see what I do whenever I study, I take the gap

Pomodoro is a technique with the help that you study for 25 minutes, took gaps for 5-10minutes then study different things for 25 minutes, took gaps for 5-10minutes, It is Pomodoro. But again what should I do whenever a teacher teaches me something, then I try to read it on the same day then re-read it after 1 month. At the exam those things are already in my mind then if I read it only for a while I remember that thing very well.

Second, STIC's T stands for testing.

In 2011, It was published in the journal" Psychology of studying" that ome students were asked to revise three times before the exam where they had to do revised well, whatever they are studying then all the students revised all the things and their answers three times.  After that when they went for exams, the result that came was very average, an average score of all was C+

But again then took same class, same people, same children, instead of revising them thrice

they were told that this time you will have three mock tests, which will be taken before your final exam after taking these 3 test then it was seen that their average score was higher from C+ to A- Rahul asked how did this happen? Sid says that see usually when We read anything we try to store neither it in our mind but in the exam, we did not have the task to store things our task exam is that we remember the things that we have stored write them on the paper and there is a big difference between the two things.

Write the things on the paper by remembering them it is simply that whatever you do more

you will become good at that thing. If you focus on revising then you will only be able to store things. It is a different skill by writing it after remembering from your brain for which taking take test will train your brain that you can remember those things and able write it  and I do the same thing many times if I am also listening to an audiobook If I have listened to the audiobook for half an hour then many times I stop the audiobook and then I try to remember what I have learned from the audiobook

how many things I'm able to remember

similarly Sid says to Rahul, that if you also want to memorize things well nd you want that in the test you remember those things so that you can write them then do not focus only on revising, do not focus only on reading. But try to take a test yourself, close the book and try to write as much as you remember things. This thing will train you better to write well in the exams.

The fact is that anything you read 70% of it gets forgotten quickly. 

Unless you revise it by using Spacing or testing, both the points which I have just told you about.  Next STIC, I stand for interleaving. Sid says see Rahul, for example, if you want to learn the Spanish language then how will you learn that thing? 

Rahul says, if I want to learn Spanish

then I will pick a word and see the meaning of that word, and then I will try to say that word repeatedlyso that I can remember that word. Then sid said right most people do this when they learn a language, they took any word, then they see its meaning

and try to speak it again and again. but what happens after a few days, they try to remember that word again

So they don't remember that word, because it's not one of the best ways to learn things. The better way is that you don't learn one word nany single line but try to learn multiple lines multiple things at one time. Like Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, Make a grouping of all these things and then try to remember them. You will have more chance that you will learn one thing.

Now Rahul gets a little confused that how it is?

Sid tells him by giving example if you are practicing cricket and the bowler first gives you a yorker gives you a 15 Yorker then he gives you 15 spins balls, give you 15 fast, 15 slow if he teaches you like giving 15-15, then you think that you are learning but if he suddenly gives fast instead of spin, then there will be more chances that you will be out. 

but if he gives every ball different and new instead of doing 15-15 balls sometimes he gave Spin, sometimes fast, sometimes Yorker. Then you will be able to learn in a better way  and become a better batsman. Similarly, when we have to learn something  when trying to learn any word and keep repeating the same thing again and again it is the same that we are just practicing the same ball, again and again, that too we feel are getting it but as soon other things stars coming in our mind. 

then we forget the previous things

so it is better that you remember things in the group. Instead of repeating it again and again.

Sid says that there is another example related to it when you go to the gym it does not happen that the whole week you are doing only chest, told you to do chest one day leg one day, biceps, triceps, likewise different things then body will be able to become completely good. Similarly, our memory grows completely when we do different things, read different answers try to remember many things, then after something get settles well in our mind.

Things which we can't remember we have to do that again, this is the concept of interleaving.

and last is Categorising, see Rahul if I tell you 12 random words like for example

I say battery, pencil, rubber, stand, mic, desk, if I tell you 12 words like this and you learn this then there is a lot of chance that you probably learn 8 or 10 or even lesser able to remember. but if I tell you that all these words I have picked up from a category like a desk example on the desk there is a pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser then if you divide these things in categories and In another shooting and videos making categories consists of a camera, battery, mic, stand. You will notice that, if you create a category of the words then you will remember better.  and I want you to practice this a little bit.

Take a random word and make their categories and try to learn them. 

You will see that you remember the categories better, instead of random things.why? Because our brain learns the gs in patterns, the previous things that we remember and try to remember more things related to it and try to attach the new memories with it with it then there are high chances of remembering it. Whenever you try to categorize things then somehow you are doing the same things. 

The study has done related to it by creating two groups.

Where one group has to learn random words and other group, it was said that creates a category of different words and then learn it. Then this performed very well from that group. Whenever you go to remember anything, try to remember them in categories and the same thing sid says that I also do the same thing. Now Rahul becomes very happy after hearing all these things  and  Why not he will be because all these things are very powerful.  Hopefully, you will also get happy, this thing seems helpful to you. 

I have told you all these things from different books.

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Do comment and tell me if you have any techniques with the help of it you remember the things 

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