Insights IAS Mains 2023 Test 2 With Solution Free PDF

 Insights IAS Mains 2023 Test 2 With Solution Free PDF Download: You can download Insights IAS Mains 2022 Test 2 With Explanation PDF.

Insights IAS Mains 2022 Test 2 With Solution Free PDF Download

The flagship program of Insights IAS – Integrated Prelims Cum Mains (IPM) Test Series has been acknowledged to be closest to the actual UPSC Prelims and Mains Question Papers leading to terrific student performance.

The Core Philosophy of Insight IAS Mains 2022 IPM program is to bring to students a SINGLE timetable that covers both the Prelims and Mains Syllabus in a holistic manner, enabling students to complete the syllabus part by part and be tested on it from the point of Prelims (MCQs) and Mains (Descriptive Answers) simultaneously.

The IPM Test Series utilizes simple yet ingenious methods to hone every aspirant’s ability and foster sharpening of skills with a disruptive impact on their preparation. It can prove to be a keystone to success in the coveted Civil Services Examination if thoroughly practiced from day one.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as having said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.”

Undoubtedly, every serious aspirant spends a lot of time fine-tuning their preparation but often fail to find a program that aids in sharpening their preparation (AXE) that has the potential to give them returns way beyond their efforts establishing success in the fastest manner possible ever known to Civil Service aspirants.

Insights IAS Mains 2023 Test 2 With Solution PDF

Insights IAS Mains 2022 Test 2 With Solution Free PDF Download

Dear Aspirants,

The importance of scoring well in the Mains Examination is a well-known fact. It can make or break a student’s chance of securing a place in the final UPSC Rank-list.

Keeping this in mind, InsightsIAS launches its Intensive Mains Booster (IMB) Test Series 2023. This program specifically caters to students who wish to finish Mains Preparation leaving dedicated time for exclusive Prelims preparation.

A common mistake made by most of the students is that they wait for that ‘one day’ to finish reading the entire syllabus and only then start attempting tests. The truth is, not even the best of the lot ever manages to finish the entire syllabus. Attempting all tests with honesty and consistency is what matters and eventually the students’ scores are bound to improve.

Writing tests regularly and as per schedule inculcates discipline, the effects of which you will start seeing in other aspects of your life as well.

One of the main advantages of writing mains tests is that they are an effective tool to regularly assess the efficacy of a student’s preparation levels. The regular and in-depth feedback given to students based on their answer copies enables them to identify the mistakes they are making, acknowledge their shortcomings and work on them well in advance. A sharp improvement can be noticed in content, handwriting, presentation and speed. Besides, the confidence a student acquires after writing a good number of tests goes a long way in achieving target goals.

The guidance from expert mentors, real-exam like environment, and a healthy, competitive spirit ensures better scores each time enabling the holistic development of the student’s preparation.

Most of our test series students, now rank-holders Meera K (AIR-6); Arth Jain (AIR-16); Vaibhav Rawat (AIR-25); R Jagat Sai (AIR-32); Pooja Gupta (AIR-42); Vinayak Chamadia (AIR-47); Kalpesh K Sharma (AIR-73); Khusboo Lather (AIR-111); Yathish R (AIR-115); Sonu Bhatt (AIR-99); etc. stand testimony to the quality of our Question Papers and evaluation aided by a unique set of guidelines w.r.t these papers.

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