Sandeep Garg Statistics Class 11 Book Free PDF Download

Sandeep Garg Statistics Class 11 Book Free PDF Download: for statistics part of the economics subject. This book with chapter wise solutions is very helpful for commerce students of CBSE, ICSE, SSC, Maharashtra State Board and other State Board examinations. It will help you in your preparation and revision. 

Many students opt for Commerce after the 10th standard which is one of the most popular streams. Economics is a mandatory and core subject in the Commerce stream.

It studies the functioning of economies and how economic agents interact. Economics is a study of scarcity and its primary goal is to determine the most rational and practical use of resources to meet individual and social goals.

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However, Economics demands a lot of hard work and dedication from students. Students often tend to memorize their lessons when they find it difficult to understand the concepts of economics but mugging up is not an appropriate choice.

The correct way to prepare for exams is to understand the fundamentals of every chapter. This is why Sandeep Garg Economics solutions for Class 11 can be said to be an ideal study material for students. It can help them understand the basics of each chapter through question-answers.

Many students learn Economics with Sandeep Garg’s textbooks. These textbooks simplify the concepts and are designed to develop a student’s conceptual understanding.

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Sandeep Garg Statistics Class 11 Book Description

Statistics for Economics for Class XI is based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. It contains numerous objective questions, value based and application based questions as introduced by CBSE. 

Salient Features of the Book

  • Each topic has been written in accordance with the latest guidelines issued by CBSE.
  • The subject is presented in a self-explanatory manner, so that students may find it easy to understand.
  • The underlying concepts of the subject have been gradually and systematically developed with a large number of ‘Solved and Unsolved Examples’.
  •  Large Number of Questions based on Remembering, Understanding, Application and HOTS with answers have been given at the end of each chapter.
  • Numerous Objective Questions are given in the book which cover Fill in the Blanks, True and False, Matching Type Questions, MCQs, MRQs and Very Short Answer Type Questions.
  • Each chapter contains NCERT Textbook Questions (with Answers).

Chapters Topics

  • Chapter 1 : Introduction 
  • Chapter 2 : Collection of Data 
  • Chapter 3 : Organisation of Data 
  • Chapter 4 : Presentation of Data 
  • Chapter 5 : Measures of Central Tendency 
  • Chapter 6 : Measures of Dispersion 
  • Chapter 7 : Correlation 
  • Chapter 8 : Index Numbers 
  • Chapter 9 : Use of Statistical Tools


  • BOOK - Statistics for Economics Class-XI
  • Publisher Dhanpat Rai Publications
  • Binding - Paperback
  • Publishing Date - 2022  Edition - Latest
  • Number of Pages - 665
  • Language - English

About The Author

CA Sandeep Garg is the author of famous books of Commerce subjects like Economics, Accounts and Business Studies. His books are followed by students of Classes 11 and 12. He was a School Topper, B. Com (Hons) from SRCC, an All India Topper in CA and has teaching experience of more than 18 years. 

Besides being a ranker holder in CA inter and CA Final, he ranked 7th in the final examination of CMA. He has co-authored a wide range of books, where he stated the most complex laws, theories, and principles in the simplest way so that students are able to grasp the same easily.

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Q: Is Sandeep Garg Statistics for Economics good for class 11 Boards Exam?

Definitely. It is the best book for visualizing and getting quality questions for statistics. It is recommended by teachers and faculties in many schools as well. You will find a brief content about each chapter, followed by MCQ related to it and previous year questions also.

Q:Does it have previous year question of Board examinations?

Yes, the book covers previous year questions of board examinations.

Student Review of Sandeep Garg Statistics Class 11

Most of the class 11 and class 12 students found the content to be sufficient . The diagrams are very nice and language is easy to understand. We recommend checking 2 -3 resources before making your decision to follow any single book/resource blindly. 

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