(3 Type) Best Word Report writing on Science Exhibition Organised in District Level


 (3 Type) Best Word Report writing on Science Exhibition Organised in District Level: Science Exhibition provides a platform for the students to use their scientific knowledge and bring the best invention from their brains.

It also allows students to work together in groups and learn from each other. They share their ideas and collectively galvanize those ideas to bring something innovative into implementation. Science fair participation helps distinguish students on college applications. Students are able to network with their peers who have similar interests.

Are you looking for a Report writing format on district level science exhibition organised in your city, to be published in a newspaper?

(3 Type) Best Word Report writing on Science Exhibition Organised in District Level

Great! you’ve come to one of the best resources available on the internet. In this particular post, we’ve given best examples of report writing on the topic as mentioned above. This example will be helpful for CBSE, ICSE and other board students of class 8, class 9, class 10, class 11 and class 12. 

Exploration of curious minds at the District Level Science Exhibition

Hemant Singh

July 21, 2022: ‘Science‘ is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity. Thus, to cater these curious minds, Don Bosco School in collaboration with the State Government had organised a District Level Science Exhibition.

The event held on July 18, 2022 was venued at the Playground of our School. With pamphlets, hoardings, and Newspaper advertising campaigns, carried out since a month. A total of 556 groups of students from different schools across the state took part in the Exhibition. The function began with a Ribbon cutting ceremony. It was the Honourable Education Minister of the State who was requested to cut the ribbon and announce the Exhibition, ‘Open’.

A massive crowd of people who were keen to see what the exhibition had to offer, entered the School Playground. Journalists, Cameramen and vloggers were the next to follow. The playground was filled with Students and their figment of imagination, hard work and knowledge that they culminated into their Science models, machines and paintings. The students seemed to match the famous quote by Rosalind Franklin, “Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated”.

There were models inspired from Solar EclipseSolar system and many more. The exhibition also saw different machines and prototypes developed by the students which included a small fridge that does not run on electricity, a machine to help the children with visual disabilities to read and learn alphabets and courses to name a few.

The Science Exhibition was a huge success with an attendance of over 18900 people around the day. The Function not only gave wings to the curious minds of the students but also the adults and teachers seemed to enjoy the display of the plethora of scientific advances presented by the students from all across the state. The eventful day was concluded by a speech made by the School Principal where he also promised a scholarship worth 10000 INR to all the participants. Such Exhibitions and events are of utmost necessity for the students as they get to explore their full potential and also get a stage to present their ideas. 

Report Writing on Science Exhibition Held in Your School Type 2

Topic:- Write a Report on Science Exhibition Held in Your School.

Reported By “Your Name”

On 28 February 2021, our school organized a science exhibition program on our school premises on the occasion of National Science Day. The head of our state science magazine was our chief guest on this peculiar day. This science exhibition was named “Exhibit Science”. The program started with prayer at 9:00 am.

The principal, Vice-Principal and all faculty members were present at the exhibition. Students from every class participated in the event and the exhibition was open to students from other schools as well. Students presented different types of models which were related to different branches of science like molecular models, space satellites, DC motors, transformers, solar systems, etc.

Our Honorable Chief Guest along with the Principal Sir surveyed the entire exhibition and also took details from the Respective Students about each of their models.

Simultaneously, the people at the exhibition also thoroughly enjoyed the event. After that our chief guest gave a motivational speech on how technology made things more efficient and also told us that there are unlimited opportunities in the field of science. Along with this he also distributed prizes to those students who had made very good models and also explained their models well. In the end, the principal sir also gave a speech and thanked everyone for participating in this science exhibition event.

Write a Report on District Level Science Exhibition at Your School Type 3

KV Thomas school

VidyaVikas Nagar

Thane, Maharashtra

20th December 2023

A district level science exhibition was organized in our school on 18th December 2019 with the help of all the school who participated in it. The exhibition was attended by 20 schools from various areas. The exhibition had sections representing fields of science such as zoology, botany, physics and chemistry. My class made a project on zoology regarding explanation of human bones.

At 9 am the exhibition started. The first section to be observed was ours and teachers with judges appreciated our efforts in making the skeleton with biodegradable plastic. We explained the structure and function of bones and showed them how to exercise it for better health.

Then they went to other areas to see amazing projects on cell, water pullies and reactions. Each section had many interesting projects and the best of creative minds came up and explained their projects. In the botany area the best project was about the types of soils and their water holding capacities. In chemistry department, they exhibited a reaction where they tested the adulterated milk and explained why milk sold in market should not be used. After the exhibition ended, snacks with lunch was served for everybody.

At exactly 3 pm prize distribution ceremony started and we won the best presentation award. I hope to see these kind of exhibitions every year to gain knowledge and culture of other areas. We enjoyed a lot and after everything ended at 5 pm we all cleaned up the area and went to our respective schools and homes. Every school should organize these type of functions for betterment of children’s mind and developing friendly behavior. I thank every school which participated in the competition.

Thank you

Mahi Dubey

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