MS Chouhan Organic Chemistry Book & solution manual Free PDF Download

 MS Chouhan Organic Chemistry Book & solution manual Free PDF Download: To crack exams like IIT JEE, NEET, one should have practiced well with plenty amount of questions, understand their strength and weakness. 

MS Chouhan Organic Chemistry PDF which is also known as N Awasthi physical chemistry gives good practice for numerical. So students can get benefits from the book


MS Chouhan Organic Chemistry Book & solution manual Free PDF Download

who cannot afford to buy.

Narendra Avasthi NEET Book PDF, Narendra Avasthi JEE Book PDF.

MS Chouhan Organic Chemistry Book & solution manual Free PDF Download

 The book provides a brief theory of each chapter and the content is designed in a very systematic way, so that the readers do not face any difficulty or hurdles in getting the concepts. Each chapter of the book contains problems in graded methods or in three stages that make it easier for the students to solve the problem easily and understand the concept. 

Why MS chouhan Organic Chemistry PDF?

  • Good Quality of Problems (Numericals)
  • All kinds of questions are represented
  • Chapter-wise questions

Levels of Problems (MS Chouhan)

The level of problems presented in the book are specially meant for the JEE candidates. 

There are three levels of problems given in the book which are as follows:

Level I

Level one consists of problems based on basic concepts and are helpful to start the topic.

Level II

In the second level problems are designed with some twists and facts.

Level III

Level three are comprehensive with more than one right options, contains matching type problems, reason type problems and much more to familiarize the aspirants with JEE exam pattern.

About The Book

Narendra Awasthi Physical Chemistry
AuthorMS Chouhan
PublicationsShri Balaji Publications
File FormatPDF
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How to Prepare for JEE Main 2023?

Top 5 Tips to Crack the exam !!!!

JEE Main is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India, which requires determination and hard work. Lakhs of students sit for the JEE Main exam every year to fulfill their dream of joining IIT. But out of all these top 20% of the students make it to the JEE Advanced exam. When you are contending for the best Engineering Institutes in India, you need to be better than the best!Before starting your preparation for JEE Main 2023, it is important to have complete knowledge about the JEE Main syllabus, exam pattern and the important topics that are asked in the exam. Keeping all this in mind, listed down are some effective tips to help you crack JEE Main this year

1. Setup a Goal

When a person sets up a goal and has faith in themselves to achieve that goal, your efforts let you achieve it. It is imperative to stay positive and believe in yourself. Sometimes preparation for JEE Main will lower down your motivation level and make you feel bored but indulge yourself in webinars, podcasts that will help you gain knowledge and stay focused.

The JEE Main aspirants are advised not to lower down their morale. All they should follow is to stay calm, be confident and trust themselves. Try to do meditation before the exam day to keep yourself relaxed and give your best on the day of the exam.

2. Prepare a timetable

Such entrance exams require a lot of preparation and a proper schedule to be followed. Following a proper plan will help you organize and distribute things. JEE Main preparation not only focuses on the preparation of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics but also requires you to solve a lot of sample papers. If there will be no proper planning, then you can remain lost and confused. You should divide your study and activity time

3. Use the right books

You should get hold of the books that are useful and add value to your preparation. Usually, NCERT books are recommended by many but in addition to this, several other good books can also be referred to. This will help you to gain proper knowledge about certain topics.

4. Revise! Revise! Revise!

This is one of the crucial things that you should follow while preparing for any exam. You should practice previous year’s papers as this will give you an idea about the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the exam. Also, take up mock tests as this will give you an idea of how well is your preparation and the area where you need improvement. Also, preparing notes of all the important topics would be beneficial.

5. A healthy Lifestyle

Students appearing for the exam always neglect their health while preparing for the exams. Eating healthy food and avoiding junk food will help gain nutrition to your body and brain. Along with this, involve yourself in outdoor activities and meditate. Listen to music to calm your mind. Also, play games like chess or carom which will enhance your concentration skills.The above-mentioned tips would inculcate confidence and make you exam ready. Keep saying to yourself I can do this and be free from the exam stress.

Best Preparation Tips For Class 12th Board & Other Exams

Here, we will share the tips and tricks that can be used in board exams to score well.

1. Make a plan of action

First of all, you should make an exam preparation schedule and include time for each subject. You need to consider the CBSE exam dates for making a schedule. You should follow this schedule and regularly revise all the topics. Doing a lot of research is necessary in order to create a standard plan of action.
Although it's not always clear when students should start preparing for exams, but, it is better to start preparation as early as possible.
There are some basic steps that can help you to prepare for the exams. You should analyze the previous year papers to identify the important topics that were frequently asked. Flow charts are a great way to organize all the topics. Thereafter, make a list of topics in the order of importance.

2. Get acquainted with complete syllabus and exam pattern

By analyzing the complete syllabus thoroughly, you can easily identify the areas where maximum questions will be asked in the exam. You can make a list of such topics, and then separate the easier and tougher ones into sections.
Identify the high weightage topics and highlight them. After that, divide time as per the weightage of the chapters. With all this, you will get a fair idea of what needs to be done first.

3. Choose right books

You must use the right textbooks for the preparation of the exams. For CBSE students, NCERT books should be the first preference to start your preparation for board exams. You need to understand that the NCERT books are the source of every question asked in the paper. So, it is suggested to complete these books first, and then move to other reference books.
So, try to cover each and every chapter given in the NCERT books. Having too many books is not recommended, having one standard guide is often enough.

4. Make Notes

Making short notes for quick revision can really help in remembering things for a long time. You can write theorems, formulas, etc. on them. Stick these notes wherever you study, it will help in quick revision. You can divide a task into multiple sections and then complete it. In this way, you will not feel any burden.
Make notes while studying and write in your own language. Doing so will help in the last minutes of the exams to revise the syllabus.

5. Practice sample papers and question papers

You must solve the previous year question papers in order to know the level of difficulty. This will help you to keep track of your preparation. By which, you can find the weak areas and improve. Solving these papers also brings confidence, and can help in scoring good marks in exams.

6. Answer in a creative way

You must learn the art of writing answers in the exam. Subjects like Hindi and English can help in scoring well, if attempted strategically. Having the right idea of what is asked in the question is important. Try not to spend too much time on a single question. First try to answer the question you know, try to utilize the first 15 minutes of the exam to make a strategy.
Mark the questions that you can answer correctly, attempt them first and then go for other questions.

7. Time management

It is very important that you manage time properly during the exam. Doing so will help to avoid wasting any effort. Most of the time, students get carried away and start focusing on the wrong questions. Remember that the exam only has 3 hours. It's important that you start with the questions that you can write easily.
By solving the questions from the previous years' papers, you can improve your time management skills. Solving sample papers, textbooks, etc., will also improve your problem-solving skills.

8. Change study plan, if required

You can change the study plan depending on how you manage time and speed. It can also be changed once you improve. It all depends on the speed of how you manage to cover the entire syllabus. Try to include short breaks in your study plan, it will keep you refreshed.
Fear and anxiety can affect your performance in the exams. Instead of panicking, prepare for the test by focusing on the best possible solutions.

9. Write your exam properly

After preparing for the board exam, it's time to reflect on your hard work and write the best answer possible. Doing so will help you complete the exam on time. Do not write anything irrelevant, try to write what is asked.
A good score in board examinations helps you get admission in your favourite course and proceed with your dream career. is a website dedicated to thousand of students who wants to study for Need Matrial but doesnt have enough resources for the same, U can download ebooks,get latest news and guidance for your examinations. kindly consider sharing so that it can reach more deserving students.

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