A Heart That Works Rob Delaney bestseller Book reviews Free PDF Download


A Heart That Works Rob Delaney bestseller Book reviews Free PDF Download: Hello friends, now we're going to share with you Rob Delaney's recently released book, which was launched on November 29, 2022. The title of the book is A Heart That Works, and it is due to be published on November 29, 2022.

Rob Delaney is a comedian who authored this book while travelling from London to Edinburgh. So, in this section, we will share with you the synopsis of Rob Delaney's A Heart That Works. A visceral and intensely intimate biography about love, loss, and parenting by the star of the Amazon Prime comedy Catastrophe.

A Heart That Works Rob Delaney bestseller Book reviews Free PDF Download

Book Review A Heart That Works Rob Delaney

I’ve loved everything Rob Delaney has done for many years, but I cannot express how painful and beautiful and excruciating and necessary this book was for me to read, in one sitting. I violently recoil from any content even remotely touching on the topic of children dying, having a young daughter myself — but I was (and am) in awe and would have read for hundreds more pages to learn more about beautiful Henry. This book is a gift.

2. I live in the US but ordered the UK version because I didn’t want to wait. (I hope it's ok that I review it under the US version...) I read it in one sitting and will read it again. It’s devastatingly sad, of course, but just like life and love and grief, the book is also multilayered. I cried and laughed and reflected and devoured this book about sweet Henry. I imagine it will be heartbreakingly helpful to bereaved parents, but is for all of us as it shows what it means to love and feel so deeply. I’ve adored Rob for years and look to him as a bit of a north star as far as life goes. Please read this book.

3. Many thanks to NetGalley and Spiegel & Grau for gifting me a digital ARC of this heartbreaking and glorious memoir by Rob Delaney - 5 stars!

Rob and his wife, pregnant with Henry, their third child, moved from LA to London where he was busy creating and starring in a TV show. But their world crashed around them when Henry was diagnosed with a brain tumor before his first birthday.

I couldn't put this book down, even through my tears. What an amazing family Henry was blessed to have and what wonderful care they gave him, as well as their other two children and their marriage. This is a raw, unfiltered look at unfathomable grief, but also hope. It's a thank you love letter to all those special people who care for sick people, especially sick babies and their families. You will laugh, cheer, and rage along with the author. He holds nothing back and we the readers are better for it. I will definitely think twice about what I say to someone dealing with loss, as well as what to do and not to do. Blessings to this family - a must read!

4. Henry Delaney was a year old when he was diagnosed with an apple sized tumor near his baby sized brain stem. He was two when he died, almost deaf and partially paralyzed, leaving behind his parents and two small brothers. A Heart That Works honors this beautiful boy’s brief life.

Rob Delaney’s raw grief is so strong that it reaches out from the pages of this book to grab you. His grief vibrates from the pages, partially balanced by humor and anger. When I read, I highlight passages to remember meaningful words and phrases. I quickly realized that I was highlighting nearly the entire book. So I will remember A Heart That Works. And you, Henry, with your beautiful blue eyes, I will remember you. 5 stars.

Thenk you to NetGalley, Spiegel & Grau and Rob Delaney for this ARC.

About a heart that works by rob delaney

Book NameA Heart That Works
AuthorRob delaney

Rob delaney a heart that works audiobook download

Unfortunately, after 2-year Henry died and his family fall away to reveal the things that matter most. 

This Rob Delaney memoir is full of profound, painful, full of emotion, and bracingly honest offers solace to those who have faced devastation and shows us how grace may appear even in hard times. 

It is a very inspirational and emotional story that will help you to overcome your pain, anger and support you build a beautiful life in the amidst of darkness. 

It is one of the must-read books of 2022 so if you have not yet got this book then follow the link below and get your copy.    

A Heart That Works Rob Delaney Free Pdf Download

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