(PDF) Class 10 Gaurav suthar notes Free pdf Download 2023-24


S(caps)hobhit Nirwan Notes Class 10 Social Science is an in-depth resource for students of class 10 studying social science. 

It provides comprehensive information on topics such as Indian History, Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India and World Geography. In addition to the basic facts and figures about the subject, the notes also include detailed explanations of key concepts and ideas related to the topics. (alert-passed)


The notes are separated into chapters according to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

Each chapter is further divided into sections that cover a particular topic in more detail. At the end of each section there are practice questions with answers that aid in student’s understanding of a particular concept. The notes also provide important questions which students can use to prepare for their examinations.

(PDF) Class 10 Gaurav suthar notes Free pdf Download 2023-24

Class 10 Gaurav suthar notes Free pdf Download

Class 10 Gaurav suthar History notes

  • - The French Revolution: This period of history marked a significant turning point for France, as the monarchy was overthrown and replaced with the concept of democracy. It began in 1789 and lasted until 1799, when Napoleon Bonaparte seized power.
  • - Industrial Revolution: This period saw a huge increase in technological advances that drastically changed the economy of Europe and the world. It began in England around 1760 and continued into the 19th century. Major changes included new methods of production, steam power, invention of railways, factories etc.
  • - Age of Imperialism: During this period countries all over Europe sought to expand their empires with colonies abroad. They competed among each other to dominate different parts of Africa

1.The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

Pdf link : The Rise of Nationalism in Europe Notes 2022-23

2. Nationalism in India

Pdf link : Nationalism in India Notes 2022-23

3. The Making of a Global World

Pdf link : The Making of a Global World Notes 2022-23

4. The Age of Industrialization

Pdf link : The Age of Industrialization Notes 2022-23

5. Print Culture and the Modern World

Pdf link : Print Culture and the Modern World Notes 2022-23

Class 10 Gaurav suthar Geography notes

  • - The Earth's Environment: This chapter discusses the different types of environment present on earth, their characteristics and how human activities can affect them. It also looks at natural resources and how to conserve them for future use.
  • - Climate: This chapter explains climate in detail, including its various factors such as temperature, air pressure, winds etc. It also looks at the impact of climate change on our environment and how we can mitigate it.
  • - Oceans and Seas: This section covers the main features of oceans and seas like currents, waves, tides etc. It also explores the effects of ocean pollution on marine life as well as ways to reduce it.

1. Resources and Development 

Pdf link : Resources and Development  Notes 2022-23

2. Forest and Wildlife

Pdf link : Forest and Wildlife Notes 2022-23

3. Water Resources 

Pdf link : Water Resources Notes 2022-23

4. Agriculture

Pdf link : Agriculture Notes 2022-23

5. Minerals and energy resources

Pdf link : Minerals and energy resources Notes 2022-23

6. Manufacturing industries

Pdf link : Manufacturing industries Notes 2022-23

7. Lifelines of national economy

Pdf link : Lifelines of national economy Notes 2022-23

Class 10 Gaurav suthar Civics notes

  • - The Constitution: This chapter explains the origin and importance of the constitution in India, its salient features and structure. It also looks at the various organs of government like judiciary, executive and legislature and their roles.
  • - Rights of Citizens: This section covers fundamental rights guaranteed to citizens by the Indian Constitution such as freedom of speech and expression, right to education etc. It also discusses how these rights are protected by laws.
  • - Local Government: This chapter discusses local governments like municipalities, panchayats etc. It deals with their functions, powers and responsibilities towards citizens. It further looks into how they ensure delivery of services at local level.

1. Power Sharing 

Pdf link : Power Sharing Notes 2022-23

2. Federalism

Pdf link : Federalism Notes 2022-23

3. Gender, Religion and Caste 

Pdf link : Gender, Religion and Caste  Notes 2022-23

4. Political Parties 

Pdf link : Political Parties Notes 2022-23

5. Outcomes of Democracy

Pdf link : Outcomes of Democracy Notes 2022-23

Class 10 Gaurav suthar Economics notes

  • - Microeconomics: This chapter introduces the concepts of microeconomic theory. It explains the concept of demand, supply, elasticity and how markets work. It also discusses various economic tools like taxation, subsidies etc used by governments to control prices and production.
  • - Macroeconomics: This chapter looks at the macroeconomic factors such as GDP, inflation etc that affect an economy as a whole. It also covers fiscal and monetary policies that are used to regulate the economy in order to achieve desired outcomes.
  • - International Trade: This section deals with international trade between countries. It explains different types of trade barriers, their effects on economies and how free trade can be beneficial for all parties involved.

1. Development

Pdf link : Development Notes 2022-23

2. Sectors of the Indian Economy 

Pdf link : Sectors of the Indian Economy Notes 2022-23

3. Money and Credit 

Pdf link : Money and Credit Notes 2022-23

4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy

Pdf link : Globalisation and the Indian Economy Notes 2022-23

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