Problems in Physics for IIT-JEE Volume 1-2 by Shashi Bhusan Tiwari Free Pdf Download

 Problems in Physics for IIT-JEE Volume 1-2 by Shashi Bhusan Tiwari : Im currently studying in Momentum where Shashi Sir is the Director.He taught me in 11th and still doing in 12. And let me tell you He is the perfect physics teacher.His explanations and examples take you to a new world.And this book gives me more of it.I love this book.The questions give better understanding of everything and the solutions are complete in all respect.


Its best book available for QUALITY REVISION for JEE ADVANCED . Start it after 12th course completion i.e usually Sept-Oct. It contains LIMITED (unlike BM sharma) SUBJECTIVE (best for deep & clear understanding ) problems (well selected , without repetition) in contrast to most books obsessed with objective etc format.
Moreover , solutions are also provided (although some could have been more clean ).

Used properly it should give you a sense of COMPLETENESS , CLARITY & should really "BOOST" your rank .
All the best !!

  • Tough questions along with detailed solutions... book is around 700 pages and questions are limited(
    Problems in Physics for IIT-JEE Volume 1-2 by Shashi Bhusan Tiwari Free Pdf Download

    even the longest chapter kinematics has 144 question) but do have quality... There is no theory in Book... Ques in Book divided into 3 levels...
  • It was fun doing the problems as they were like none other books... They were different and get to your concepts... I had a hard time solving this book... If you are in 11th its better to do it along with your course.... Even helpful for those going to coachings


  • Problems are based on  JEE syllabus.
  • In each chapter, problems are graded into three levels.
  • Problems are fresh and challenging, given with complete solutions
  • Solutions are descriptive and easy to understand.

Additional Information

HSN Code4901
AuthorShashi Bhushan Tiwari
Subject : College BooksPhysics
Competitive & Entrance ExamsIIT JEE Main/Advanced
Entrance & College : Book CategoryText Books
PublisherTata Mcgraw Hill
ISBN / Product Code9789352602490

About book

Problems in Physics for IIT-JEE (Advanced) has been tailor-made for aspirants of JEE - Advanced entrance examination and for those who want to master the fundamentals of Physics.

It is a collection of problems which will challenge the students conceptual clarity as well as comprehension and analytical abilities.

The book aims at developing skills so that students can visualize diverse physical situations and acquire ability to solve unseen problems.

Gradation of questions ensure that students attempt basic questions first and then the tougher problems as they gain more skill and confidence in the subject. Volume I covers Mechanics and Waves and Volume II of the book has problems on Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics, Optics and Modern Physics.

About the Author

Shashi Bhushan Tiwari is a distinguished academician and Physics guru. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur in year 1995 and has been mentoring students for IIT JEE for more than two decades.

  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill Education India
  • Genre: Science
  • ISBN: 9789352604401, 9789352604401
  • Pages: 568

Problems in Physics for IIT-JEE Volume 1-2 by Shashi Bhusan Tiwari Pdf Download



A:obvio yes

Q:What is the Edition of this book

A:1 edition

Q:is it good for JEE advanced?


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